• …through the decentralization and disintermediation of capital formation by recognizing the social power of the crowd to from affinities around missions.

  • ... by democratizing the financial markets and allow businesses and customers to interact in ways previously not possible and thus forge deeper and more meaningful relationships.

  • …by breaking down barriers which have historically existed in the capital markets. The financial infrastructure required for the 21st Century is under construction.

  • "It is not by augmenting the capital of the country, but by rendering a greater part of that capital active and productive than would otherwise be so, that the most judicious operations of banking can increase the industry of the country." Adam Smith

  • "Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer." Adam Smith

noun \,le-,sā-'fer, ,lā-, ,zā\
Definition of LAISSEZ-FAIRE

1: a doctrine opposing governmental interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum necessary for the maintenance of peace and property rights

2: a philosophy or practice characterized by a usually deliberate abstention from direction or interference especially with individual freedom of choice and action.

Laissez-faire is French for "Allow to Do"

Our Mission

To help build the financial infrastructure for the 21st Century. Allowtodo LLC develops and operates both web and mobile eCommerce/eFinance applications aimed at the democratization of the financial markets by disrupting traditional funding channels and thus empower Main Street and the investor of tomorrow.

An online crowd-funding portal designed for ordinary people working together with Main Street America to accomplish extraordinary things by converting their existing social networks into funding networks. Through social/community funding we help one another assemble the resources (ideas, talents, energy) needed to build and sustain our Main Street 'barns'. Similar to pioneers of old, in many ways, we are settling into a new era, an extraordinary era which requires extraordinary channels of communication and client engagement.

An online investor portal designed to breakdown the institutional barriers which have historically existed separating the majority of qualified accredited investors from Main Street private placement deals while expanding funding sources for growth companies and providing a distribution platform for member firms.